Founder's Message

My message to the industry is that the development of graphic technologies is a continual process. A process that requires the shared knowledge and expertise of our industry as well as other sectors of the economy. We live in an expanding world of hybrid technologies in which ISO and Emirates standards bring stability and understanding. They underpin a more efficient and productive manufacturing environment and provide the foundation for the industry’s long-term viability and sustainability through the promotion of high quality, low-cost, energy-efficient production processes that are vital in a globally competitive world where lean-manufacturing and quality assurance are vital components.

We need to awaken those that have not heard the message to the benefits of standards-based print production and rekindle the interest for those early adopters because one thing is certain about standards: they don’t stand still. Keeping up with developments in ISO standards and their parallel Emirates equivalents is an essential base to the ongoing success of the industry.

To the observer this may appear to be a relatively passive role rubber-stamping the ideas of others. However, I can inform you that Al Waqas is a very active participant in this process that continues to play a constructive and meaningful role. The systems and processes that Al Waqas has in place are consistent with these values and are designed to ensure that they constantly exceeds expectations.